Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 2

After the radical departure from its norm with the BeoLab 5 speaker Bang & Olufsen returned to its more traditional principles with the new BeoCenter 2. Bang & Olufsen is a company of futuristic designs (or certainly designs which stand out from the crowds and which withstand the rigours of time) and BeoCenter 2 is no exception.  Dressed in brushed aluminium, it featured rather exotic doors on the top which glided silently apart upon pressing the ‘load’ button. Other details included concealed cabling and a good-sized display which could be read from a distance and which changed brightness according to room lighting conditions.


BeoCenter 2 was an integrated and versatile audio and video system offering easy access to CD audio, AM/FM Radio and DVD video. Extra options such as DAB radio and Internet radio playback could be added, via connectors for a PC or a Mac.




Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 2300

The Beocenter 2300 was dedicated to the CD enthusiast who, for example, like to store the titles of favourite CDs, or permanently skip unwanted tracks. It was known as Beosystem 2300 when connected to the BeoLab 2500 active speakers. The Beocenter 2300 was developed from the idea of a flexible music system that could compete with the sound quality of heavy music systems.


Behind the glass covers there was access to the operating panel, receiver, CD player and a cassette recorder. The receiver allowed the option of presetting 2 x 20 FM/AM radio stations. The cassette recorder featured Auto Reverse, Automatic Recording level, search function and Bang & Olufsen's HX-PRO recording system, a system which ensures that the sensitive treble range is captured in recording. The memory in Beocenter 2300's CD player allowed you to edit up to 100 CDs.




Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 9300  

Aluminium or Mirrow panels 


The Beocenter 9300 is one of the most elegant and discreet music systems ever manufactured by Bang & Olufsen and unfortunately the last one produced in these series. 


Beocenter 9300 really defined the word 'classic'. It was for those who preferred to enjoy the music rather than to pore over the product manual. The design of the 9300 was around for many years before production ceased in the late 1990's.  the 9300 is that the 9300 had a new and improved CD mechanism fitted which was faster than the previous versions. Some minor differences were that the 9300 lacked two-way remote communication and an equalizer loop-through. However, the 9300 still is one of the Bang & Olufsen greats!


Dimensions: 760 x 110 x 340mm

Weight: 14 kg


Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 9500

" The Fine Art Of Control "


The mirrored exterior of aluminium and smoked glass gave no hint of the power hidden beneath the surface of Beosystem 9500. Central to the concept was the AM/FM receiver. On the flanks, CD player and cassette recorder awaited their turn in the spotlight. When they were needed, a light touch on the display panel was all that was required to make lids glide to the side giving immediate access to disc or cassette. 

Formats: cd, tape, tuner

Power output: 80 watts per channel into 8Ω ( For passive Speakers ) 

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%



Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 8500

For individuals who could live without time-programming but wanted the advanced features of the Beocenter 9500, Bang & Olufsen created the Beocenter 8500. There was no difference in the quality of the sound, but the cabinet was finished in a soft grey as an alternative to the polished aluminium finish of Beocenter 9500 The BeoCenter 8500 dark grey edition, is still a beautiful device with radio, 2 x 80 W amplifier, tape deck and CD player


This very nice Bang and Olufsen master piece can be used all over the world thanks to the Power supply  that is switchable to a110 - 130 - 220 and 240 voltage


Formats: cd, tape, tuner

Power output: 80 watts per channel into 8Ω ( For passive Speakers ) 

Dimensions: 760 x 110 x 340mm

Weight: 14 kg