Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 2

The BeoCenter 2 is an integrated and versatile audio and video system offering easy access to CD audio, AM/FM Radio and DVD video. The philosophy behind BeoCenter 2 is to provide a physically compact system offering total integration of picture and sound. The high degree of compactness has been achieved by separating the Master Unit, containing the operation and disc transport mechanism, from the Socket Unit. The Socket Unit (shown right) contains most of the electronics, as well as all external connections. This greatly helps the organising and concealment of the numerous cables needed in a typical A/V set-up. In BeoCenter 2 only a single thin cable, available in 1.8, 3, 5 and 10 metre lengths, connects the Master Unit to the Socket Unit. A 1.8 metre cable is delivered as standard.


World Class Aluminium Processing

BeoCenter 2's two sliding aluminium doors were a challenge to Bang & Olufsen. Both doors are cut from the same piece of aluminium, but only after the front has been polished in the oval shape that follows the lower edge of the display. This ensures that all details in the polishing are echoed on both doors. Both these sliding doors stay together throughout the complicated process of milling and the two surface treatments. So the doors on the final product match perfectly.

The precision requirements Bang & Olufsen sets for the visual appearance of the product mean that the machine which grinds the edges of the doors works to very small tolerances. For every 1/100 millimetre along the edge, the machine calculates and self-corrects to ensure a perfect oval shape.

When the aluminium is surface-treated in the anodisation plant, tiny pores appear in the surface. These pores are used in the screen printing employed to apply numbers and characters to the front of the doors of the master unit. By pressing the coloured lacquer down into the pores and then surface-treating the doors, very durable printing is achieved. As a result, it is virtually impossible to wear the printing off, even with very frequent use.

Controlling the BeoCenter 2 is a masterpiece of precision. The area beneath the master unit is milled down to 0.5 millimetres. So when the user presses the unit, the thin aluminium sheet bends very easily. This activates the electrical circuits used for the control function. You can neither see nor feel this, but it is enough for it to make contact with the film of conductive material underneath.


The precision processing goes one stage further with the "wheel" on the right-hand door. In a wide circle around the control areas, a further 0.1 millimetre of aluminium has been milled off. The functions of the wheel include adjusting the volume, and it functions according to the same mechanical principle as the rest of the master unit.



Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 2300

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Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 2300

Pre-tuned radio programs 2 x 20 FM or AM 
Radio ranges FM 87.5 - 108 MHz; 76 - 90 MHz (Japan) 
LW 150 - 350 kHz 
MW 520 - 1610 kHz 

Compact disc:
Disc size 12 cm, 8 cm 
Frequency range 20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 1 dB 
Signal-to-noise-ratio Typical 101 dB, A-weighted 
D/A converting Bitstream, Analogue filtration 
Features Programming, Scan, Random, Edit, Naming 
Remote control: Beo4 ( Not Included )

Power Link 2, AUX 1 

FM aerial 75 ohm 1 
AM aerial (Dedicated) 1 
Headphone/Mini-Jack 1 

Link compatibility: Master Link (via Beolink® Converter) 
Master Control Link (via ML/MCL converter) 

Optional RDS kit 
Wall bracket system 2201 2087 
Wall bracket, center 2052 


Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 2300

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Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 9300

The Beocenter 9300 really defined the word 'classic'. It was for those who preferred to enjoy the music rather than to pore over the product manual. The design of the 9300 was around for many years before production ceased in the late 1990's. It was available in many different versions; for example 8000, 9000, 9500 and the this last version: Beocenter 9300. The differences between the 9500 and the 9300 was that the 9300 had a new and improved CD mechanism fitted which was faster than the previous versions. Some minor differences were that the 9300 lacked two-way remote communication and an equalizer loop-through. However, the 9300 still is still among the Bang & Olufsen greats! The Beocenter 9300 could operate with active as well as passive loudspeakers. A mere touch activated Beocenter 9300 and a line of sensi-touch options glowed on the lower glass display. The 9300 is a complete music system that still is beining used because of it`s timeless design and quality.



2 x 80 watt amplifier, CD player with programming, tape recorder with auto reverse, FM/AM radio with 30 preset stations, finger touch control, optional Beo4 remote control operation, connections for Beolink® and headphones, Master Control Link. There was also the option of using the Beocenter with or without active speakers, such as BeoLab 4000 (shown above). A stand could also be bought as a separate item.



Type: 2516
Dimensions W x H x D 76 x 11 x 34 
Weight 14 kg 
Cabinet finish: Aluminium 

Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 9300

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Bang and Olufsen - Beocenter 9500

The fine art of control of 9500

The unfailing sensi-touch control of the Beocenter 9500 works through a condenser effect. A graphite area is printed on the underside of the glass panel, and charged with a high frequency current. Even the lightest touch of a finger will spark the reaction. You could preset up to 20 FM and AM stations on the Beocenter 9500 receiver. And when you made your choice, search and fine tuning were completely automatic. Also, you could preset the receiver to switch on automatically to catch the news, or perhaps a favourite serial at just the right time. If you were out, the cassette recorder could be programmed to record and you could play back at your leisure.

You could also use the Beocenter 9500 receiver as a guaranteed alarm. In the event of a power failure during the night, the clock instantly switched to its own built-in batteries to ensure that you awoke at just the right time. The CD player which accommodated both 12cm and 8cm compact discs was also ready for your commands. It gave you instant access to a specific track anywhere on the disc and allowed you to change the order in which the tracks were played, or to simply choose only those tracks you wished to listen to. Technology at its most convenient best. When used with Beogram 9500 the music system was known as Beosystem 9500.

Type: 2506
Power supply: 110 - 130 - 220 - 240 voltage switch 
Power consumption Max. 200 W 
Dimensions W x H x D 76 x 11 x 34cm 
Weight 14 kg 

B&O Beocenter 9500 ( mirrow panels)

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